Pain in pregnancy: symphysis pubis dysfunction

Aches and Pains are common during pregnancy and can seriously interfere with a woman’s comfort and mobility. This is especially the case when dealing with pubic symphysis pain. During this the lower back joint (posterior sacral iliac spine or PSIS) becomes more locked up and at the same time the front immovable joint, the pubic symphysis becomes more mobile causing pain during walking or any type of movement. This is more common in the third trimester of the pregnancy and there is not a lot that conventional treatments have to offer.

Luckily we have had very good success with lowering and/or getting rid of this pain with acupuncture. By treating the channels affected by this condition we are able to loosen the back and soften he muscles and tendons in the front inguinal area receiving the tightness in the area and allowing the bones and pubic symphysis joint to be more stable.