First time phone consultations for acupuncture

and TCM are complimentary

Acupuncture Rates

$150        Initial in-depth intake and first acupuncture treatment including herbal consult

$110        Follow Up Acupuncture treatment


$110        Initial Prebirth Acupuncture (From 35 weeks gestation)


$160        Initial Cosmetic Acupuncture

$130       Follow up Cosmetic Acupuncture


Herbal Medicine Rates

$95    45 min    Initial/first herbal consultation and dispensing

$40    15 min    Follow-up herbal consultation and dispensing

$20    pickup     Herbal Dispensing of prior prescribed herbs

Herbal medicine consultations are incorporated into acupuncture treatments, however, if no acupuncture is desired, these sessions are for herbal medicine consultation sessions only. Rates do not include the cost of herbs. A weekly customized course of herbs ranges between $25 to $50 plus tax.



Massage Rates

Massage Treatments

$50            30 minutes

$91            60 minutes

$136.50     90 minutes

GST is included for acupuncture and massage.