TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine

When you are treated by some of our practitioners, you will be treated with TCM and Acupuncture.

TCM is often treated with herbs, this system of medicine has been developed and refined over thousands of years and has not only stood the test of time, but has been disseminated throughout the world for good reason.

The basis of TCM is one of balance. When there is balance, everything functions in harmony, both in the world and in our bodies. When they go out of balance, you will feel unwell, and disease may occur.

TCM has the following five distinct qualities,: Effectiveness, Individuality, Simplicity,Diversity and Wholeness



The effectiveness of  TCM is impressive. The World Health Organization recognizes TCM’s ability to effectively treat over 50 common disorders and a mounting body of research is verifying its effectiveness. Many diseases that cannot be cured or are resistant to Western medicine can be successfully treated and alleviated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM, and in particular acupuncture, has gained in reputation as being an effective treatment for pain. But what is lesser known is its ability to treat an incredibly wide range of disorders – everything from digestive complaints to headaches, gynecological problems to neurological disorders – TCM is a complete system for health and wellness.


One of the cornerstones of the TCM diagnosis process is to look at the patient as a whole and unique individual. Individuals are different from each other in both physical constitution and psychological make-up. This accounted for when reaching a diagnosis and treatment. As an example, two patients arrive at the clinic with the same symptom. One is a man weighing 230 pounds with a red complexion and extroverted personality, the other is an underweight woman who feels cold all the time. Though they may have the same complaint, they would receive different treatments in TCM. This illustrates the idea of taking into account the individual and how to best bring that person back into balance, versus simply treating an outward symptom.


The basic concept of treating a body that is out of balance is simple in and of itself. Often a TCM practitioner will look for simple solutions that allow the body to heal itself. An example of this is food cures. The adage of let your food be your medicine was likely first written by a TCM Doctor. Every cell in your body is only made up of whatever you have consumed, thereby underlining the essential role nutrition plays in rebalancing the body. In  TCM, every food has its own unique energetic qualities. By looking at a patient’s constitution and lifestyle, suggestions will be made to allow the body to return to balance.


Part of the appeal of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary is how effectively it treats a diverse and broad spectrum of disorders. Imbalances and disorders can evolve in a thousand different ways. The art and skill in TCM is in diagnosing the imbalance and determining the correct course of treatment. A well trained TCM practitioner will have many different treatment modalities to choose from when treating disease. This can range from acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine, massage, food cures, meditation and exercises.


TCM in Calgary focuses on the whole body rather than its individual parts and symptoms. Often a patient will come into the clinic with a particular complaint, but rather than view that complaint in isolation, the TCM practitioner will ask questions about the whole person to determine the underlying cause of the complaint. The aim of TCM is to return your body to a state of balance and treat the underlying cause of the disease.