Calgary Fertility Acupuncture: Choosing a specialist

When you’re looking for Calgary fertility acupuncture, because of infertility, or to prepare you for pregnancy, you may be tempted to select an acupuncturist who only deals with fertility issues.

At The Acupuncture & Health Centre we are well known for our fertility treatments. But we don’t just treat infertility patients, or focus on fertility exclusively. We treat a great variety of health issues, and when it comes to treating infertility, this gives us the edge.

Choosing a person who exclusively specializes in one area is a common mistake, because we’re used to the Western Medicine model of specialists. Your Fertility Acupuncturist needs to know more than fertility acupuncture, because your infertility might be the result of several factors.

In Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, we treat the whole person. We don’t believe in swallowing one pill to solve it all.

If you are experiencing infertility, you may notice that western medicine has a limited amount of tools to help, and they often put every couple on the same path, or treatment plan, regardless of each couples’ specific (and often, varying) challenges.

In our clinic, we know that your overall health may be contributing to your infertility, and we approach your treatment by considering your story, and by considering both your reproductive and total health as a whole.


Our goal is to make conditions as ideal as possible for you to conceive. If you are investing in IUI or IVF, as many of our patients do, we will make sure your total health is improved, and that your reproductive health is strong and ready, giving you the best chance for success.

Some people ask Dr. Fingler why she treats conditions outside of fertility. She is known as one of the top, if not the best fertility acupuncturist in Calgary; but more than that, she treats many conditions. When I asked her why she doesn’t only specialize in fertility in her clinic, she said this:

Years ago I treated an ER Nurse who had been diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility. She was suffering from a lot of stress at work, and additional stress from her diagnosis. After trying it all, she came to us and of all things we treated her for insomnia and stress first. She simply wasn’t getting enough sleep and it was putting her body under stress. Once we improved the quality and quantity of sleep, combined with herbs and other fertility acupuncture techniques to boost her fertility, she became pregnant.

I always remember that case, because it perfectly demonstrates why I continue to study and practice acupuncture for all medical conditions. Every person is unique, and all types of imbalance or conditions might be a factor in infertility, not to mention getting pregnant isn’t our only goal, it is also you. You matter, and your health matters.”

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