Facial Acupunctureacupuncture face

In Chinese Medicine we recognize that the quality of our skin is a reflection of our internal wellness.

Facial Acupuncture not only treats the skin locally but also addresses your underlying health to have you glowing from within.

The treatment involves placing very thin, single-use needles into specific points on the body and face.

Stimulation of the points on the face increases local blood flow, collagen production and elastin and can help relax and tone the facial muscles. This results in firmer, healthier looking skin and can completely erase fine lines whilst decreasing prominent ones.
The aim of the treatments are not only to resolve problems at the surface, but also to address the internal imbalance that is causing the problem in the first place. This wholistic approach to rejuvenation provides lasting results and many people report that they not only start looking better, but also feel better. 

With Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture changes are gradual over the course of several weeks. By the end of a series (usually 8-10 treatments) the face is lifted and bright, wrinkles are diminished and facial tone and colour are markedly improved. Each individual will respond differently to the treatment depending on their age, diet, skin care regime and lifestyle. Monthly maintenance sessions are recommended to keep the results lasting for years.

Facial Cupping

Facial cupping involves small suction cups which gently massage the face to increase circulation, improve nutrient absorption, drain stagnant fluids and relax rigid facial muscles.

The results are plumping of fine lines and wrinkles, softening of scar tissue, reduction of chronic puffiness and improving expression lines caused by rigid muscles associated with TMJ disorders and dental work. It is an exceptionally powerful and surprisingly relaxing enhancement to cosmetic acupuncture treatments.