Eye Health

Restoring Vision

The adage you never know how important something is until you lose it is never more true than when dealing with our eyesight. It is the sensory organ we rely on more than any other.  This can be very concerning when changes in our vision start to happen. Our aim is to halt any degeneration and in some cases reverse damage that has already occurred. 

Conditions that involve the eyes are almost always part of a larger condition . The eyes exist within the ecosystem of the body and therefore what effects the body effects the eyes. Chronic inflammation, dryness, blood pressure issues, blood sugar, water metabolism etc. will all have an effect on our vision.  Treating the whole body as well as the eye  is necessary  to see long lasting resolution.

At the Calgary Acupuncture and Health Centre  we have experience and training treating a wide variety of eye disorders. Treatment involves addressing the underlying conditions that may be effecting vision as well as the actual disorder happening in the eye. treatment includes, acupuncture, herbal medicine, supplements, diet and lifestyle changes. These are meant to improve your overall health as well as targeting the eye area/vision.


How Acupuncture helps improve vision:

-Increases blood flow to the eye

-Stimulates nerve cells

-Charges dormant retinal cells

-Regulates the autonomic nervous system

-Promotes parasympathetic response

-Treats both the local eye condition and underlying cause

The primary objective for preserving vision:

-Improve Circulation

-Stimulate Photoreceptors, Optic Nerve and Visual Cortex

-Decrease Inflammation

-Identify and manage causative factors

-Long term Neuro-Protection

The most commonly seen eye conditions:

-Dry Eyes

-Macular Degeneration


-Retinitis Pigmentosa

-Diabetic Retinopathy

-Dry Eyes