How Does Acupuncture Work?

First, lets just jump in a watch a video. This is a great 2 minute clip that will breakdown the way acupuncture works in a brilliant analogy.


Thinking of your body as a system of roadways is the easiest way to understand how one problem can lead to several others, and this is not only physical but also mental blocks – problems with depression, anxiety, and more.

We are a system of beautiful pathways, but sometimes we experience a stress, an injury, or illness. We use acupuncture to restore flow and heal the whole body.


Acupuncture has three main effects, and many more smaller known effects.


  • Local Immune Response & Increased Blood Flow = Reduced inflammation
  • Nervous System Reaction = Reduced Pain
  • Homeostasis = Improved regulation and balance in the body (these are the pathways)


Our goal as Doctors of Chinese medicine is to use all the tools we have to gain these effects. We can use acupuncture, cupping, herbs, etc. These tools stimulate the pathways in our body. They wake up or direct our immune system, they pre-program or communicate messages to our brain; and this results in reduced pain, inflammation and restored flow.

From an Eastern perspective we are, and the world is, made of energy. Energy much like anything else moves or flows in a particular predictable pattern. When this energy becomes imbalanced or blocked we develop problems in the body, often this results in pain. Acupuncture helps to restore the correct flow of this energy thereby improving the function of the body or muscle.

In Western and Eastern medicine they have different terms when it comes to explaining acupuncture, and sometimes we use different language to explain this process, but it all has the same results, you feel better.

Come in and get poked today!