10 Ways to Increase Your IVF Success

Preparing for an IVF cycle can be stressful in a many ways. The investment of time, money and emotional energy is high. Because of this is it important to prepare your body as much as possible before doing a cycle. This can benefit both the quality of the eggs and the endometrial lining therefore increasing your chances of a successful IVF cycle.

Visiting our clinic and having treatment before and during the IVF can help with the success of the procedure. Below are 10 additional things you can start well in advance to help prepare your body. Generally we recommend at least 3 months.

10 steps to IVF Success

1) Diet

Your diet is very important. Eating a whole foods diet rich in vegetables, fruit, whole grains and organic meat. This means avoiding processed food, dairy, sugar, pop.

2) Stop smoking

If you smoke please stop. Smoking damages the DNA in both sperm and egg and can prematurely age the body also.

3) Exercise

Incorporate gentle exercise and yoga into your week. This can help with circulating blood, lowering stress levels and balancing hormones and blood sugar.

4) Acupuncture

It’s an excellent tool to both calm the nervous system and increase blood flow to the reproductive system and helps alleviate other health issues leading up to the transfer. Studies have shown that acupuncture can increase the effectiveness of an IVF cycle by up to 40%.

5) Meditation

This is one of the most effective ways to help de-stress, increase focus and emotional well-being.

6) Eliminate caffeine

Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and can stress the kidneys and adrenals. Some studies link it to an increase risk for miscarriage.

7) Eat Organic

Eat organic as much as possible. This will help decrease the load you lover and kidneys need to filter. Also many pesticides are hormone disrupters and can negatively impact the quality of your eggs.

8) Sleep

Get at least a month of good quality sleep. Sleep is an important part of maintaining a healthy hormonal balance in the body as well as regaling energy and moods. If you are having trouble try acupuncture for sleep or melatonin.

9) Fish Oil

Take a high quality fish oil. This helps to improve embryo morphology. Also be sure to check the company tests for heavy metals.

10) Supplements

The most important supplements you can take are Co Enzyme Q10 and Royal Jelly. Both have been shown to help improve egg quality. *Co Enzyme Q10 might not be a good fit with low blood pressure.

You may have noticed that improving circulation and delivering quality nutrients to the cells are key if you want to increase IVF success rates and fertility in general. For IVF, it is important that the follicles receive protective nutrients to protect them from damage and improve their integrity during the stimulation process. Nutrients and medications reach your ovaries, endometrial lining and eventually the implanting embryo through the circulation. Good blood flow and optimal circulatory health is an essential part of having  a good outcome.

This is not an easy journey, you are amazing and brave, and we are here for you!