Recurrent Miscarriage Treatment

Recurrent Miscarriage Treatment

A much-awaited pregnancy is greeted with elation and hope, so the set-back of a miscarriage can be very painful. Repeated and recurrent miscarriages are made even more heartbreaking when western medicine offers few answers and fewer remedies. Frequently, western practitioners may leap to one of the few explanations they have – chromosomal problems (old eggs)– which is not always the case.

Women with recurrent miscarriage issues will find Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and eastern medicine offers a more complex reason and treatment option with which to treat this.

Often this falls into four broad categories but with individualized complexities – Blood Deficiency(poor quality blood and lining), Qi (movement of blood and nutrients) Deficiency, Heat or Cold in the uterus (often related to regulating the flow of blood and internal temperature). While there may be physical signs of these four conditions, they likely do not seriously impact the health of the woman herself. However, when her body is being asked to sustain another life and the delicate balances and shifts required for this, these underlying imbalances make sustaining a pregnancy challenging.

For this reason, women who have experienced more than one miscarriage would be advised to take some time to rebalance their bodies to prepare for a successful and healthy pregnancy. Often the more miscarriages a woman experiences, the more entrenched the body’s responses can become in this same pattern of reaction. Therefore, taking action in advance of renewed pregnancy attempts is highly recommended.

When treating recurrent miscarriage we work with dietary therapy, counselling, supplements as well as acupuncture to restore the health of a women’s reproductive potential. Included in this is herbal formulas that are individually designed to correct the problem before pregnancy is attempted. All of these factors play an important in achieving the goal of a health conception, pregnancy and birth.

My goal in treating recurrent miscarriage is to bring the body, mind and spirit back into a state of health. I recognize this can be a very difficult journey for a couple to go through. I am here, not only to balance your body but to help walk you through the emotionally challenging aspects of this process. All things that are worth having involve some level of risk and effort. And I can’t think of few things more important then bringing in the next generation of health babies and families.

If you have questions or concerns, or want to discuss your situation, please feel to call or email.