Recurrent Miscarriage

This is a topic that is not often discussed but that has touched many people: recurrent miscarriage.

Most western doctors consider it to be either a fluke or a chromosomal issue that  has few treatment options. Sometimes they offer progesterone but studies have shown that there is no difference in clinical outcome compared to a placebo. Some clients may experience benefits, and some may not. What we often see is that it gives a woman a feeling of being productive in what can otherwise be a long and stressful time period while trying to conceive.

One thing I find most rewarding about dealing with recurrent miscarriage is that it is so treatable. From a Chinese medicine point of view it is more often a reflection of a problem with the health of the mother and the “climate” of her uterus. By treating the foundation of the problem BEFORE a woman becomes pregnant we have a much better success rate.

The hardest part of treatment can be the waiting women need to do while they do what is necessary to treat them before they become pregnant again. Often they want to ease the pain of a miscarriage by getting pregnant as soon as possible. Though this instinct is understandable, it is not the best course of action. It can increase chances of a subsequent miscarriage. Even more surprisingly, some doctors actually recommend that their patients to start trying to conceive as soon as they get their next period. Very bad advice! It is best to give both the body and heart time to heal before starting again. It takes a lot of blood and energy to maintain and create a whole new person. It is in the best interest of the mother and the future child to enter it in the best state of health possible.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with recurrent miscarriages, there is hope. Feel free to contact the clinic to get more information about how we can help.