The Importance of Blood

In conventional medicine blood is thought of and diagnosed by its individual components such as red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, nutrients and proteins. Its function is to distribute hormones, carry oxygen and energy and to support the immune system. In Chinese Medicine the concept of “Blood” is much broader. Though it encompasses all … Read more

Going through IVF- Preparing

I’ve been doing fertility acupuncture for around 15 years and have walked hundreds of women through the ups and downs of the process. It is very much like being on a roller coaster. Especially emotionally. This series of blog posts are on the conversations I have with women when they start down this path. I would … Read more

Starting a Meditation Practice

The modern world has given us many material comforts, but one of the often unnoticed side effects is the constant stress we feel on a daily basis. Whether it’s the negative news we hear, being rushed for time, work or family pressures we all seem to be going at a very fast pace. One of … Read more


Calgary Fertility Acupuncture: Choosing a specialist

When you’re looking for Calgary fertility acupuncture, because of infertility, or to prepare you for pregnancy, you may be tempted to select an acupuncturist who only deals with fertility issues. At The Acupuncture & Health Centre we are well known for our fertility treatments. But we don’t just treat infertility patients, or focus on fertility … Read more