Dr. Angela Fingler

Doctor of Acupuncture, Practitioner of Chinese Medicine

Welcome to the  Acupuncture and Health Centre in Calgary Alberta, where healing meets expertise in the hands of Dr. Angela Fingler, an accomplished Acupuncturist with over 20 years of experience. With a passion for improving lives through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Angela has been a beacon of hope for men and women facing fertility concerns and other disorders for more than a decade.

Her pursuit of excellence has led her to train with renowned TCM experts worldwide, mastering a range of techniques and styles. Angela has become a sought-after specialist in gynecology, fertility, and reproductive medicine, integrating Eastern medicine with Western assisted reproductive technologies to optimize success and support healthy pregnancies. Her personalized approach blends acupuncture, herbal remedies, and lifestyle adjustments to achieve optimal health for each individual.

Beyond her remarkable expertise in fertility, Angela’s knowledge extends to recurrent miscarriage and various pregnancy-related disorders. Clients seek her compassionate care for a range of health issues, from chronic illnesses to muscular-skeletal problems, benefiting from her years of experience and diverse training.

Angela’s journey as an Acupuncturist has been a labor of love, encompassing the study of TCM, Japanese style (Kiiko Matsumoto style), Saam, Neoclassical, and Balance method. Her dedication to constant learning and growth translates into transformative outcomes for her patients.

Join us at  the Acupuncture and Health Centre and experience the passion, expertise, and personalized care that have made Dr. Angela Fingler a trusted and sought-after Acupuncturist in Calgary  for more than two decades.

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