Nicole Carey, Doctor of Acupuncture

Nicole Carey is a Registered Acupuncturist and Holistic Health Practitioner with over 13 years experience.Upon completion of her final year of Acupuncture study at Grant MacEwan University, Nicole became pregnant with her first child. The next five years brought on a primary focus of providing support to women during all stages of fertility, pregnancy, pre-birth, labour, and postnatal support. Her treatments and support to multiple families grew and Nicole’s success in induction acupuncture matured and flourished.As a mother of active boys in various sports, keeping them healthy and fit was her biggest goal. Providing her boys with individualized treatments and sharing plans and ideas with families around the Calgary area at playgrounds, fields and arenas.Further expanding her knowledge, Nicole added dietary therapy and Chinese and Western herbals to her specialization. This provided her with the tools needed to support patients successfully on all levels.Families continue to visit Nicole for ongoing maintenance and acute care for a healthy balanced lifestyle well beyond the childbirth phase. Her expertise expanded in areas of general practice, supporting patients in the treatment of acute or chronic pain and/or injury, acute/chronic stress, anxiety and insomnia for children to adults, regulation and education on menstrual cycles for teenagers, depression, headaches/migraines, digestive disorders, IBS, pre/post surgical support, scar tissue release, as well as balancing out female hormones for women heading into or within the throes of menopause.Nicole’s custom-tailored treatment plans will provide you with desired results along with the education to keep you or your family on track mentally, emotionally, and physically. Book an appointment with her today!